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Ombrage gives the player the opportunity to control a rover on an unknown planet. Exploration is key to discovery. Use different exploration modules to unravel the mysteries of this planet. Be careful where you go, don’t forget that light is life !

Team Members

Nicolas VARENNE, Project manager

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Melchior SAUNIER, programmer, game designer

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Valentin MUSET, game designer


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Jean-Baptiste FOREL, Artistic Director

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Kevin NGUYEN KIM TUOI, Level designer

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Edouard DUBOS, 3D Artist

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Key Features

Driving : The core game mechanic. The player will explore the planet with it.

Modules : Each one of them will give the player a new way of moving. Combine them to create new opportunities.

Shadows : The biggest threat. Stay in the sun, for it is your only way to fill up your batteries

How to play ? 

Ombrage works only on Windows with a Xbox One controller

always keep "Ombrage.exe" and "Ombrage_Data" together

For the best experience, we recommend to play on a good desktop computer.

  • Download the game on itch.io
  • Unzip the folder wherever you want
  • Launch "Ombrage.exe"

Inputs : 

RT = Gas input

LT = Brake input

Left Joystick = Steer input

Right Joystick = Camera movement

Right Joystick(button) = Camera Reset

A = Use module 1

B = Use module 2

Start = Game pause / Menu


I don't have any shadows when i play !

Make sure you've launched the game with the "Fantastic" settings in the launcher

Looks like my game screen is zoomed :(

Ombrage works with a 16:9 ratio, so be sure to pick one of those resolution :

  • 1280 * 720
  • 1920 * 1080
  • 2560 * 1440

I found a filthy bug, how can i contact you ?

you can contact us at this email adress :


Versions :

1.0.1 : Hello World

  •  Release on Internet !

1.0.2 : BUGS ! BUUUUGS !

  • Menu stuck on [Settings] : Fixed
  • Occlusion issue : Fixed
  • The cavern difficulty  has been lowered 
  • Freeze while loading : Fixed (maybe :o)


Ombrage 1.0.2.rar 496 MB


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I love the art style and colours! Especially the sky and how it contrasts with everything else, I can't wait for the full game. The only thing I would suggest is to make the ambient music a little more melodic to keep the "alone on a new planet" feel but give the consumer a little more to listen to while playing. Very well done, I'm definitely following this!!

Is it impossible to finish the game? One of the light pillars leads to nothing in particular and I can't get up the tower using wings/jetpack.

This is a really great game! I like a lot of whats going on, is there going to be some backstory or "quests" like stuff later? It's a fantastic game though, thank you for showing me it's release, I can't wait to see more.

Good Game Geygey

Had a great time flying, I just need a bigger battery. :)